My new book

Here is is the brief prologue from my new book, which will be available at Amazon in June.

I have never been very good at remorse, which is much overrated and fills the church’s coffers with redemptive gold.  Whatever I have done, it was in the certainty that right and justice were on my side.  I make no apologies, offer no explanations.  If you judge me, judge with care.  We are created at birth, but shaped by life.

Marcus Aurelius wrote: Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.  Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

Here is my perspective.


Author: susanappleyardwriter

I am a writer and reader of historical fiction. In the eighties I had 2 books published traditionally and recently 2 books self-published. I live in Canada for half the year - the warm half - and Mexico for the other half.

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