A Conversation with Author Susan Appleyard

Vintage Treasures

Today in the library we have author Susan Appleyard who has dropped by to share some insights into her life as an author. Susan is the author of : Queen of Trial and Sorrow, This Sun of York,  The Relentless Queen and The First Plantagenet.

Hello Pam and everyone. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself and talk about my work.

I was born in England, which is where I learned my love of English history, and emigrated to Canada in the mid-seventies, so I am very much a Canadian but with a Yorkshire accent. I’m fortunate to be able to spend six months in Canada, with my 3 children and 6 grand-children, and six months in Mexisusanco with the sun and sea and margaritas on the beach. (No prizes for guessing which months are spent where.)

I had two books traditionally published, before my burgeoning career went into…

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Author: susanappleyardwriter

I am a writer and reader of historical fiction. In the eighties I had 2 books published traditionally and recently 2 books self-published. I live in Canada for half the year - the warm half - and Mexico for the other half.

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