In a Gilded Cage

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You guys, this is my favorite kind of book; a historical fiction novel. I was ecstatic when Susan Appleyard sent me In a Gilded Cage to review. It’s the tale of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I. If you love some real facts with a touch of fiction, then this is a book for you.


Heat Level:♥

Overall Rating: 5/6 Glass Slippers

Genre: Historical Fiction

Elisabeth, referred to also as “Sisi”, begins her life as a Duchess of Bavaria, living a fairly carefree existence during her early years. However, her days of informal living comes to an abrupt halt when she learns that she is to accompany her sister Helene to court in order to see her married off to Emperor Franz Joseph. But, Franz is drawn to Sisi and declares that she will be his bride.


The story highlights Sisi’s trouble fitting in the…

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Author: susanappleyardwriter

I am a writer and reader of historical fiction. In the eighties I had 2 books published traditionally and recently 2 books self-published. I live in Canada for half the year - the warm half - and Mexico for the other half.

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