Game of Successors, Part 3: The Partition of Babylon

Another great blog about what happened to Alexander’s empire after his death.

Forward to the Past

With Meleager’s revolt ended and the Macedonian succession issue momentarily solved, Perdiccas at last had the chance to focus his attention to matters outside of Babylon. He must have been dismayed by what he saw. The empire was in disarray; news of Alexander’s death had spread, resulting in disorder and unrest in some of the satrapies; and still other satrapies had been without a formal leader for some time. He could see that, if the empire was to survive under his regency, something had to be done.

As he had done in the wake of Alexander’s death, he returned to the idea of a council to address the situation. This time, its goal would be to partition and reorganize the provinces. He intended the result to benefit the empire, but it’s likely that he hoped it would benefit him as well. After all, he could portray the partitioned satrapies…

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