Dear Blog

I know I have neglected you recently, and I am very sorry. This is no excuse, but I am presently in Mexico for my extended winter holiday and, I’m sorry to say, the lifestyle down here trespasses mightily on the time I spend in my room huddled over my computer. Yes, I see you shaking your head. You have every right to be disappointed in me. However, I have spent the time huddled over my computer very productively and can now tell you that I have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s of my latest book. Yes, job done. Ready for market. I can lay down my burden. Are you pleased with me now? Am I forgiven?

From now on, I promise you won’t be neglected. I shall have much more time to spend with you. In fact, you may be over-burdened. Very shortly, I will show you my new cover, designed by the very talented Elle at

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