Coming soon to your favourite bookseller

I have a new book ready for publication. It’s a romantic romp in the time of the War of the Roses with Robbie Ovedale (handsome Northumbrian who likes nothing better than dealing head blows to Scots) and Mary Margaret Douglas (a bit of an Amazon-type with red hair, a bad temper and a dislike of all things English.)

Ignoring the fact that they exist only in my head, I looked for pictures of them. After wasting a good hour of my precious time I gave it up. So use your imagination.


Instead, here’s a picture of Northumberland where Robbie lived. Lovely, isn’t it?

I haven’t set a publication day for this one yet. I’m prevaricating. Maybe in June.




It’s amazing how new documents and artefacts keep emerging. Here is an account from the reign of Richard III.