Isn’t research a joy?

Most writers would agree that diving down the rabbit hole can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, almost, I might say, irresistible. Sometimes it’s difficult to climb out. Who knows what nuggets of gold you might find along the next path (or with the next click if you want to be literal.)

But researching a different time can be challenging, and more so when dealing with a different country. Aside from discovering such subjects as fauna and flora, weather, food and clothing, cities and buildings and more, I found myself looking up some weird and difficult subjects. Here are just a few examples of what I have dug deep for while writing my latest book set mostly in Austria in the mid to late 19th century.

Gonorrhea – symptoms and remedies.

Cigarette lighters and matches – surprisingly, lighters were invented before matches.

A bakery in Prague.

A bakery in Bad Ischl

Suicide in Vienna – which had the reputation of being the suicide capital of Europe at the time.

Viennese newspapers and their political leanings.

Types of carriages and bicycles

Don’t rush out and buy the book because I have put it on hold for the time being as I have no discipline and an idea for another book popped into my head and I just had to start it, didn’t I?

On another note, Digging into the Past is on the top 45 list at Feedspot. Check it out.

She’s done it again!

The amazing Helen Hollick has come up with another brilliant idea to promote historical fiction authors. It is an award named for one of her prolific reviewers who sadly died in April 2022. Unlike most awards I have seen, this one offers a monetary prize and it’s free to enter! All you have to do is get your historical novel or historical non-fiction into Helen at Discovering Diamonds (that’s free too) and you might get a spot on the long list to brag about. Submissions are open until November 30th 2022.

Here is the link for submissions.

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