Hi, and welcome to my blog.  I hope you have a good time while you are here and maybe learn a little along the way.

I expect other people have different reasons for writing a blog, but mine are very simple: to express my thoughts and feelings about what is proving to be a most enjoyable, exhilarating, educational and utterly frustrating experience.  Indie publishing! Marketing! Promotion!   I’m sure there are many who feel the same way.  I would love to hear from you.

There will be two themes to this blog and, really, for me the two are connected.  The first will concern all aspects of writing and the second history, mostly medieval history, which is my great passion.  Here on my blog I can run on, ramble, wax lyrical, vent or write with journalistic economy as I choose.  I may even make a spilling error and neglect to correct it, or split my infinitives, mix metaphors or throw participles around like confetti at a wedding. I can’t write whatever I want on Twitter, or Facebook.  I do belong to some interesting groups but the posts tend to be brief; everyone seems to prefer it that way. There is another reason for having a blog.  Everyone seems to expect it of authors.  As if we don’t do enough writing!  I think by the time I’m in my eighties my fingers will be worn to nubbins.  That will be the time I learn to type with my toes.

Thank you for visiting.  Come again anytime.



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