Chill with a Book Award


I am thrilled to announce that Dark Spirit has won a Chill with a Book Award. Thanks are due to Pauline Barclay, who does such a great job of supporting writers. See the post here:


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If you would like to submit your book for an award click:






I have heard people on various Facebook sites complain that CreateSpace is difficult to get along with. I have just gone through the process and it wasn’t difficult at all. (I’m not a techie.) My only difficulty came with downloading Adobe Flash Player, which I had to do in order to view my book on Internal Reviewer. But the good folks at CreateSpace helped me through the process. If only Goodreads was so easy to navigate.

My book is not yet available as I’ve sent for a print proof to make sure everything is as perfect as my imperfect self can make it, but here’s a preview of the cover.